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Mobile Services

​We offer the following servies to your small animal:

Comprehensive Physical Exam

Annual, Diagnostic, & Therapeutic exams for your animal.Yearly exams can often detect health problem early. Most of the times, treating your pets diseases early can improve the outcomes.

Vaccinations & Deworming

Standard Immunizations are provided to ensure

the long-term health of your pet.


Nutrition counsulation for each life stage including dietary requirements

for growth, weight maintenance, and performance for both dogs and cats. Also special diet needs for variuos diseases.

Intenal Medicine , Skin ,Eye and Ear Diseases

We Keep up with the newest approaches in treating different diseases. At home diagnosis and treatment makes long term conditions more managable.

Pharmacy, & Diagonostic Lab Test

We Have a full pharmacy on board besides diagnostics for most common diseases.

This is the hardest time for you and your pet .At-home sedation will be given to prevent any fear or pain before the final injection is given.


 My goal as your primary care Veterinarian is to provide comperhensive examinaton, diagnosstic and treatment service and to do so in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

All our prices and fees are fair and competitive. If you have any questions about prices or services, please ​contact us.

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