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About Us

You and your pet can relax at home instead of dealing with the hassles of travelling. This can be especially convenient for busy people or those with no transportation. Our mobile veterinary services makes house calls and that means no more scary rides for your pet. Avoid overcrowded waiting rooms where loud noises and infectious diseases can affect your pets​​.

A HouseCall would be the best for :

·    Pets that don't travel well

·    Nervous pets who need reduced-stress exams

·    No exposure to sick, contagious animals or fleas

·    No traveling through bad weather

·    Home-bound owners

·    Multiple pet households

·    Senior Citizens and busy parents

·    Anyone who never wants to waste time in a veterinary waiting room again

Your pet's health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the BEST possible care.

Dr. Fawzy Beshara D.V.M

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